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“Top Ten” Leadership Actions to Motivate Low Cost Behavior

  1. Adopt a credible motivating theme: You need a rallying cry that is connected to people’s positive emotions. Therefore, it is important to obtain the support of frontline supervisors who are respected for their integrity, real-ism, and unique ability to motivate their people.
  2. Prioritize what needs to change: To realize your cost imperatives you need to be clear on the frontline behaviors that are most important to change.
  3. Identify a “critical core” of positive motivators: Start with a dozen or so frontline supervisors who are well-known motivators (pride-builders); often the people who leaders turn to for “getting tough assignments done well.”
  4. Learn what they do that is unique: True pride-builders invariably do a few things that most other good managers do not do. Determine what they do differently to motivate their people in difficult situations.
  5. Enlist their active help: Once the “critical core” believes you are serious about needing their help, they are the best source of ideas for spreading their capability to others.
  6. Focus on a few key behaviors: Concentrate on the three or four frontline behaviors that need to change in order to drive lower costs. Pride-builders can motivate virtually any behavior, provided they understand which ones matter most.
  7. Build pride-builder bench strength: Develop a larger body of potential pride-builders (as many as 1,000).
  8. Develop informal “spreading” mechanisms: Formal mechanisms are never enough to enable potential pride-builders to connect with one another in ways that spread and reinforce positive motivational elements.
  9. Nourish this emerging community: Provide regular and clear information and credible stories about what produces cost containment behaviors. Find ways to ensure that it expands, circulates and builds momentum across the enterprise.
  10. Keep it positive, personal, and simple: It is all about getting a growing cadre of frontline supervisors who can connect emotionally to help drive cost imperatives.

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Resource: Jon Katzenbach | Senior Partner | booz&co. | HOW TO CUT COSTS—AND GET YOUR EMPLOYEES TO HELP

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