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NOT VALIDATING INVOICES? How much are you losing?

With the many moving and complicated parts associated with vendor and supplier expenses, often triggered by manual keystrokes it is not uncommon to have multiple errors due to inaccurate entries and discounts, missing credits, as well as duplicate or incorrect charges, misappropriated fees and taxes appearing REPEATEDLY monthly.

  • What are these errors costing your organization monthly? yearly?
  • What processes do you feel would improve your role in managing vendors, billing and expenses?
  • Do you currently run a manual system open to error and loss of profit?
  • What would an automated vendor management solutions create for you and your organization?
  • What benefits would it offer in overall process and efficiency?

Capture, interpret, validate, and resolve billing issues to avoid the pitfalls of not only overpaying but also eliminate wasted time looking for these errors. Validate you are paying only for what you have contracted!

Every organization no matter size or industry has a multitude of vendors and suppliers keeping their shelves stocked for sales or supplies for use, equipment and technology services running or materials on hand. Historically and in some cases currently, managing this relationship between vendor and your company meant spreadsheets, binders and filing cabinets (manual processes). Advancements in technology has brought some extended efficiency with cloud storage and online filing processes. But businesses still STRUGGLE with a multitude of issues from finding documents and managing the numerous related collateral pieces associated with each account AND accessing them in any way to formulate analytics and performance data is near to impossible not to mention time consuming.

By 2021, 70% of global enterprises will expand primary measures of ROI for vendor management beyond just cost savings and toward risk mitigation and performance improvement.

Data collection, aggregation and analytics will become an essential activity requiring dedicated and skilled resources. These resources will need to be able to not only collect, investigate and present data, but also identify trends that provide insight into the impact and business value of vendor management activities. This will ensure your processes and vendor management solutions are solid.

At LIMITLESS we are your Trusted Partner and understand how to best help our Clients reduce costs, while ensuring you stay highly effective and efficient with your services. We strive daily to help you become more financially sound, putting more money back in your wallet. The average savings we find our clients is between 17% – 36%.

We use our Powerful Process to identify cost savings, improving and negotiating contracts, finding billing errors and obtaining refunds. Our Clients realize that they derive the most benefit by concentrating their efforts on their core business. Realistically, most organizations simply do not have the time or in-house expertise to analyze all the multitude of bills, contracts, suppliers and national pricing alternatives potentially available.

Our Proven Results have saved companies tens of thousands and in some cases even millions on their telecom, utility and vendor expenses with our proven cost reduction process. This “found money” allows our Clients to reinvest the “savings” into growth initiatives or apply these “found profits” to their bottom line.

LIMITLESS has differentiated itself by creating a superior spend and vendor management process aligned with a fully managed global software solution.

Contact LIMITLESS today for a FREE CONSULTATION to discover how to get control of your unmanaged spend and reduce expenses in your business.

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