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Tricks to Help any Cell Phone User

Cell phones are complicated. Allot of the problem is, unless you go to the store and ask a tech to help you, no one is telling you your phone’s full potential. Well, let Limitless Technology CRS help you with that.


iPhone Users

Many iPhone Users don’t know that their iPhone battery is drained when you keep applications open. I bet you’re thinking “but I close my applications every time by clicking the center button when the application is open… the app disappears so it must be closed, right?” Unfortunately that just makes the app leave your screen view, it doesn’t close it. What you need to do is double click the center button. A list of application icons will pop up. Hold one of the icons until small red and white dashes appear on the left hand corner of the icons. Hit those and you will be fully closing your iPhone applications (for the first time).


Nokia Users

Need a little extra battery to get you through the day? Hit 3370# and your phone will gain 50% of its cell phone life back. That is because Nokia has a built in battery for emergencies.


Flip Phones

Okay so I’m speaking to a dying breed with this tip. Yet, I loved my flip phone and held onto it for 4 years after the iPhone became popular so I can only assume there are people that felt the way I did a year ago.  If you see and android or iPhone, do you admire that they can use Google and you can’t? If yes, than you don’t know the potential of your flip phone! All you have to do is types a text message to GOOGLE and you will get a response back in a minute or two.


These little tricks can make a big difference on your daily hassle. Remember, these tricks were brought to you by Limitless Technology CRS. Call us so we can remove hassle from your company’s telecom bills as well (866) 504-4050 or got to to find out more.