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Ways to Be Green and Save Money in Your Office

Simple ways to reduce your spend while helping out the earth

Recently, many major companies have been making green initiatives. To name a few of these Coca Cola, Walmart, and GE are all developing green initiatives. In the blog, we have come up with a few ideas that probably won’t make your company green certified, but will lower your costs while giving Mother Nature a little break.

1. Unplug all your chargers when your not using them – We know, it is a pain to go around your office and unplug your iPod, Cell Phone, iPad, Lap Top, Electric Shaver, and all those other things your have  plugged-in in your office, but it could make a difference in your energy bill. Every charging device you have in your outlet uses energy regardless of if it is charging a device or not. If everyone in your office building has 5 chargers plugged-in, and you have 100 employees you have 500 chargers wasting energy and increasing your electric bill.

2. Communicate with your employees about being green- one segment about green solutions could really make a difference. One thing businesses do not do as much as they should is talk about orders they give to employees with the employees. Instead of using an email to tell employees to turn off light in their office, tell them directly and explain how it benefits the company and the environment. Employees are more likely to do the obvious green activities if their boss is telling them to do it directly.

3. Buy recycled printer cartridges- Refilling your old cartridges is much cheaper than buying new ones. This is because a large portion of the price you pay is for the canister. This reduces waste because old canisters will go in the trash which will go in a land fill somewhere in the world. Why pay extra for something you already have?

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