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Protecting Your Business from Unwanted Charges

Personal Tip to Save # 1: When you pay for Apps or Ringtones to your phone, make sure it is one solid fee and not a fee plus a charge every month.

The telecommunications industry’s goal is not to target your company to pay too much. However, if you’re not looking through your bills thoroughly they are probably not going to say anything if you are over paying…

The fact is, telecom companies are not evil, they simply don’t tell you every time their rates and charges go down or if you are paying too much. However, after years of not checking thousands of bills, errors continue to occur and the most current telecom fees available are not apllied, and those small charges and old fees really add up.

The problem is, if you don’t have deep experience in the telecommunications industry you often don’t know where to look for those hidden charges. Experience is something Limitless Technology CRS has in abundance. For instance…Todd Larsen, President and CEO of Limitless Technology, has dedicated 25 years of his career to the telecommunications industry, and he and his staff know all about  those charges the average business person may miss.

Limitless Technology CRS’s only job is to save you money, so if your company doesn’t save, Limitless Technology CRS doesn’t get paid. We are firm believers in helping companies improve bottom lines and become more successful.

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