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Why not take advantage of a no risk, shared savings Bill Audit?

If you are a cost minded and profit responsible business owner, Managing Member or C-Level executive, ask yourself this question…Why wouldn’t I jump at the opportunity to have a contingency based, no risk audit of any kind performed for my business?

As a company that provides this type of service, our team at Limitless Technology hears a great variety of reasons.  All of them are rooted in a few key areas:

• Organizations believe they already have a team that is responsible for this function. 

• The support required by the organization in an audit is going to put a drain on our resources.

• The misperception that a contingency based audit means you get “something for nothing”. 

• Expectations that the cost to address areas of opportunity will exceed the benefit

The fact is that a contingency based, no risk audit is not a promotional offer.  It is a business model that can be mutually beneficial to both the auditing company and the client.  It is important, however, that you evaluate this type of relationship.  It is our belief that this type of audit is the foundation for building a partnership that will last well into the future.  

• Our team and your team work together

We respect that every company and organization has the potential to audit their billings, re-negotiate their own vendor contracts and get some form of respectable savings.  Our goal is to produce maximum results by applying superior vendor management expertise, document management technology and using benchmark analytics that most companies would rarely be able to acquire on their own.  We have been successfully negotiating for companies who could have chosen to do it themselves.  We employ former vendor service negotiators and high level professionals, which are experienced in working with some of the largest and most well-managed companies in the world

• We are an extension of your team, and we do the heavy lifting

After a few meetings, with your team providing the supporting documentation needed to perform the audit, We do our best to limit any disruption to your business work flows, as we will negotiate on your behalf, to allow your team to stay focused on day to day management of your operations. WE FIND, FIX, FOLLOW-UP, and FINISH the tasks to make sure that it gets done and is done right. This is AN ENORMOUS TIMESAVER for your organization. We literally become a virtual extension of your employee base at no cost, because we write our checks from the savings, we obtain for you.

• Lack of trust

Trust is earned.  Our company has nearly 40 years of experience, and more than over 15 years providing Vendor Management Solutions and Cost Reduction Services.  Our clients have realized millions of dollars in savings as a result of our ongoing partnerships.  

It is the savings over time that is our greatest asset.  The clients that have been with us for the longest time, have realized the most benefit to their bottom line. 

• Misperception of “Something for Nothing”.

A shared savings Bill Audit is not something for nothing.  It is no risk service, that yields lower risk, identifies areas for processes to be improved, and provides improvement to your bottom line.  We do ask for an upfront shared savings advance to start the process. However, we provide a 110% money back guaranteeagainst that deposit.  This upfront fee provides a small amount of operating revenue and allows us to invest the upfront time and effort necessary to fully database the critical details that are so often missed in vendor billings and contracts. to accurately. 

Our long term goal is to provide Vendor Management Solutions which further cuts costs and produces bottom-line savings in your largest areas of complex indirect expenses. For your peace of mind, we don’t look to change service providers unless it is in your absolute best interest, and you agree with our recommendations.  These recommendations are the foundation of the contingency based, no risk audit. 

• Concern of unknown expenditure

The shared savings advance that we request from our clients is based on our understanding of the effort required to review your company’s spend and processes, look at your contracts, and identify areas of opportunity.  We collect this advance because we have real costs with internal employees, associated with the level of expertise, work and due diligence placed into every bill audit we perform. 

The bottom line is that we must PROVE the savings to be paid and – our Clients RECIEVE the refund, credit, or go forward savings before we invoice for our services.

About Limitless Technology

Limitless Technology, LLC has been managing complex indirect spend and vendor documentation since 2006 for some of the largest companies in the USA saving them millions in costs.

Through our Billing Optimization and Vendor Management Solutions proprietary platforms we utilize technology, processes, expertise, time, and resources to improve our client’s bottom-line.

Limitless Technology manages your vendors, so you can manage and grow your business.

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