Helping Save Lives With Social Media After Sandy

As hurricane Sandy approached nearly 53,000 voices cried out in panic, all of these voices were heard by one woman.

Emily Rahimi is the social media responder for the NYC fire department. Her twitter sends 53,000 New Yorker’s warnings and alerts everyday. But, as hurricane Sandy began flooding homes and streets, those same New Yorkers began sending her messages.

Emily saw cries for her help and comfort. Many citizens could not reach 911 dispatchers, so they flooded the NYC twitter account with pleas for help. Emily assured citizens that help was on the way, then used her line to immediately contact NYPD to send an emergency crew to their locations. Everyone who was able to contact Emily got the  help and moral support they needed, some even tweeted her back and thanked her for her help.

This story teaches us two things. The first thing is that, when people need help, sometimes the most unlikely people can become the biggest heroes. This also shows us that Social Media is no longer an social experience, but a forum for people helping people. How many of us have gotten advice from a chat on Facebook or a group on Linkedin? You could almost say those who are not utilizing social media are missing valuable advice and expertise.

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