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Less Shipping Fees, Fewer Worries For Your Company

No matter how big your company is, there is one thing you will always have to take into consideration to be a successful company…your customer. Your customer will either need the product they purchased from you, the contracts and forms pertaining to your service, or their bill. In any case, you will need to send things through the mail, FedEx, or an overnight courier in extremely time sensitive cases.

Every every package that needs to be delivered to a customer adds to your company’s bottom line. Especially expensive is the over night couriers (How many times have you needed to get something to a client after the post office has closed?). Your only option was to mail it with a custom and expensive delivery service. Well here are some tips from Limitless Technology CRS to help reduce these fees.

1) Get a large carrier discount by assigning one shipping company to your account. There are two ways you can save money by assigning one company for your services. You can work with your shipping company for a lower service rate than their standard rate and use your loyalty to the shipping company as a bargaining tool. You can also ask for a volume discount on top of your discounted rate because you are running all your shipping through them, even if you don’t ship a million packages a day.

2)Reduce wrong address charges. Carriers usually have online tools that help resolve address errors. However, if you don’t use the applications, they will charge you for incorrect addresses.

3) Use standard boxes for all your orders. Unless you are shipping a motorcycle or an elephant, consider shipping large orders in several standard boxes as opposed to one non standard box. Trust me it will be less expensive (In this case, more is less).

These tips can greatly reduce your company’s shipping cost. Unfortunately, reducing telecom expenses is not as easy as reducing shipping costs. Telecom cost reduction requires constant attention to current rates and a careful investigation of past phone billings.

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