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Will the President Save Businesses Money this Term?

Regardless of our reader’s or our political views, we would like to congratulate our new president. Both candidates ran excellent races and Limitless Technology CRS respects both men. What Limitless Technology CRS really wants to stress is how, now that Obama is elected,  does he plan to save your families and our businesses money?

Your Family– Obama plans to extend the payroll tax cuts. What does this mean? This means that employees in the past paid 6.2% towards payroll cuts and now will pay 3.2%.  This simple action will save families $1,500 annually.

If You Have A Small Business– Obama plans to include small business in the payroll tax cuts for the first 5 million dollars of their payroll. They will not have to pay the full 6.2% until the have exceeded their first 50 million dollars net increase in the company’s payroll.

Way To Save on Employment with Obama- Hire a veteran! It is a patriotic way to support your troops and it can also save your company money. If a veteran has been unemployed for six months or more and your company employs them, your company can save upwards of $9,000 dollars on tax deductions.

These are just a few of his ways to save, and each can have positive or negative effect on the economy based on the decisions of US citizens. Limitless Technology CRS however, can only improve your company’s bottom line and welfare.

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