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Improving. Hmmmm?

By Todd Larsen CEO Limitless Technology~CRS Feb, 7th, 2013

When we start our day, we think about our businesses or roles in business. What time is spent on being more effective and efficient vs. getting done what we “think” might be more important? How many times do we go back and say “it feels like the whole day got away from me”.

Why do we do this?

Is it the desire to please others? Can we control the items we let control our day. Does our dream of accomplishment outweigh our desire to fulfill those tasks? 

What else contributes to not accomplishing “what is most important”?

Not enough time, not enough people, not enough knowledge? Are these “not enoughs” within our reach, just out of our reach or too far beyond our reach?

About now you are either overloaded with thought, disappointment, disbelief, denial or are thinking “why is this guy asking so many questions”? And to the last question….isn’t that what we should be doing? Asking questions? (He’s doing it again…)

Shouldn’t we be questioning our methods, actions, processes, operations, distribution, tactics, finances etc.? Should we be challenging ourselves to improve: operations, procedures, knowledge base, and financials? Shouldn’t we be challenging the status quo, the mundane, the same, the “we’ve always done it that way?

I believe so. Problem is, we put that responsibility on our own shoulders all too often vs. utilizing the resources that surround us and actually are available to us! We cripple ourselves by thinking, “we, he or she should be able to do that or handle that.” We sometimes even kid ourselves, believing that we actually have the depth or skills to tackle that situation or define a solution for one in which we have little or no experience. In fact, we sometimes expect too much when we believe we or our internal staff has the ability to “know it all.” We forget there are others, (or don’t want to believe there are others) which can help us succeed quicker, faster…even better. 

Best part is we can change. We can seek: assistance, guidance, help, support, reason, and knowledge to help improve our businesses. Best of all, by using these resources we can prioritize and accomplish what we do best to ensure we are driving, building and growing the Companies we are part of more efficiently, effectively, productively and profitably.

Bottom line…All we need to do is ask for, or seek some expert help.


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