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The telephone is the most profitable invention in US history?

Think about how significant this is. The telephone has beaten trains, plain and automobiles and even the light bulb! At first I kind of sounds crazy, but there are several reasons why the phone is the obvious money colossal of the last 50 years.  

1. Genius of the idea-

The phone was the first object able to transfer quickly transferable and understandable communication. The mail was understandable, but that could take weeks to be delivered. And the telegraph was timely, but it had to be deciphered. The time and understanding capability made the phone destined for success right from the start.

The phone was also the first communication device capable of transferring the emotion of language across the world. Mothers could hear their child’s happy voice telling them good news, or a could hear the disappointment of a friend telling another friend bad news.


  1. 2.       Evolution of the model-
    1. a.       Have you ever thought of your iPhone as only a telephone? Of course not. That is because, unlike other major inventions, the phone is continually being revolutionized constantly. This development allows the phone to stay relatively expensive, unlike the light bulb. Also, unlike a car, a telephone is owned by a much larger world population and is usually replaced every one or two years.
  2. 3.       Service-
    1. a.       With every phone, a phone service is also needed.  These phone service rates usually are based on a usage platform or a contractual platform for large companies.  Either way, it is a huge money maker for the phone service companies.

This is why the telephone is also one of the most important and influential inventions of our time. The telephone affects almost every person on the globe and connects us all.