How Telecom Companies Can “Throttle” Your Business

Recently, AT&T has been under fire for misleading its customers on several of its program’s pricing strategies. Additionally, the FTC just discovered that AT&T is also affecting how a customer’s data fu...

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Written by Todd Larsen, CEO Limitless Technology~Cost Reduction Specialists  For just a minute I would like you to think about what win-win means. Immediately you should get a sense of cooperation, collaboratio...

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IT Spend Rates…how high are they?

US Based Executives ‘question business value’ of tech spend. Recently I was exposed to a survey taken by multiple senior finance executives regarding their opinions and facts surrounding the cost of...


Why Cell Phone Insurance IS NOT Worth It

Cellular companies are usually the last to offer insurance. However, as the market has demanded that they be protected from broken and stolen devices, cell companies are beginning to see the light. Companies li...

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Improving. Hmmmm?

By Todd Larsen CEO Limitless Technology~CRS Feb, 7th, 2013 When we start our day, we think about our businesses or roles in business. What time is spent on being more effective and efficient vs. getting done wh...

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Service plans for mobile devices…too much!