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Nasty “Over Paying” Message to AT&T Written in the Sky?

As stated many times by Todd Larsen, CEO of Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists, “Why do we continue to overpay for data?” a recent public announcement by the CEO of one of the largest cellular companies in the world, gave credence to Todd’s evangelized statements.

Released last week John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, wants to get the message out that companies and individuals are paying unnecessary mobile data overages. Big question from us should be … Why do we OVERPAY? Bottom line in most cases, is because nobody has the time or resources to stop this where it starts …. with the carriers. It’s a fight, but more importantly it’s your money to get back!

John Legere is promising that if his petition can reach 250,000 signatures, he’ll send the carriers a “message that they won’t miss.” Legere mentions skywriting a nasty message above AT&T’s headquarters. Legere revives his call from last year for other cell phone carriers to end overage charges. Legere says, according to T-Mobile’s calculations, that other carriers in 2014 collected about $1.5 billion in overage charges.

Ever given any thought to how much your business is paying for data overage charges? Do you think it’s a few dollars? Maybe hundreds? What about thousands? At Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists – WE KNOW. It’s our job to know and get it back!

The most important question for CEO’s and CFO’s then becomes, how do I manage my mobile data in the office?  Technology is designed to enable companies to manage the time it takes to get information back into the field, document issues in the field, locate employees, and stay in contact with anyone, at any time. For every business owner these questions exist: How do I control the data that is being used? How much data is being used or abused?  ASK YOURSELF: Is your business struggling to manage mobile data? Are your employees constantly going over their data allowance for that month? Are you at a loss for how to control it? How much is this costing us? Are there other areas of your telecom spends that may also have these unnecessary spends and cost recovery needs?

Overage charges concerning mobile data is not a matter to be taken lightly, nor is it an inexpensive mistake one can afford. Knowing where they come from and how to monitor them is essentially the soundest way to safeguard your company against expensive overage costs. And if you don’t take action, more likely than not, your company will continue to lose money. Cell phone companies make a lot of money from overage fees. That’s YOUR MONEY. Let’s get it back – Contact Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists to see how much you could be saving! It’s a free consultation that will show you how other companies have benefited and how you can to by saving money every month at no risk to you. Start reducing overhead, take control of your telecom expenses now! After seeing our results … you will wish you had called sooner. Call Now: 866-504-4050. We are waiting to take your call.