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Did you know Proper Vendor Management Increases the Investment Value of your Business?

How can procurement and vendor management become more aligned with, and demonstrate its impact on, the main measures of business success? What impact does procurement make on a company’s sustainable shareholder value? This is a question that CPO’s face but few have been able to answer.

The primary objective of financial reporting is to provide useful information for decision making. Without proper documentation of all business financial aspects including expenses and vendors, it can be difficult for any company to not only determine whether a supplier is meeting its quality standards, but also for investors to be able to make financial decisions regarding the value of the company.

Lack of transparency in financial reporting and vendor management financial information, in any industry, has implications for investor trust. Companies that understand the importance of transparency in financial reporting, are also well informed about the psychology of the investors. Complex and opaque vendor management and financial reports gives no idea about the true financial, vendor and expense risks involved in the company.

The financial reports must include:
Understand-ability. The information must be readily understandable to users of the financial statements.
Relevance. It must be relevant, accurate and current.
Comparability. Ability to provide financial comparisons.

Without proper management it is difficult for investors to access required financial information about companies, such as price levels, market depth and audited financial reports to include supplier and vendor expenses, documents, agreements and contracts.

Businesses with effective financial reporting practices but lacking collateral are also more likely to receive credit. Lending institutions will have more information on which to base their decisions, reducing their need to require high levels of collateral. It is essential for investment and doing business that every business should have effective financial and vendor management systems in place.

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