Be a Superhero to your Boss

With a new year upon us, what would be more rewarding than … doing something to impress the boss.

Hmmm – what does the boss care about? What can you do to stand out from anyone around you? What could you do today for your boss to say WOW??? ~ so glad you had that idea!

Most CEO’s and CFO’s are looking at the bottom line. How much profit they made last year and how much more they can make this year. So how can you play a role in making a difference – HOW ABOUT an increase in profit for your company?


Well if you knew that 70% – 80% of utility bills have errors how likely do you think that your company’s billing has the potential of having errors?

Chances are your company is paying utility bills every month that are incorrect. How much is that costing every year? This may already be known by your company and may have been already addressed a time or two. But, what action took place? Was the process ever looked at? Were savings found? How much were the savings, or did this never get off the ground because it was “too time consuming” and the “expertise” did not exist “inside the company”. Truly optimizing utility and telecom bills involves so much more than quickly reviewing for anything that might obviously “stand out”. There may have been corrections in the past for obvious mistakes like charging a location twice or for services that you no longer have…but what about the fees that go undetected?

That’s not all.

• What about the incorrect fees that do not correspond with your contract agreement
• Changes in technology that now make your contract charges overpriced?
• And then taking it to the next level of renegotiating for your savings?

No one wants to make that phone call to the telecom or utility company to discuss each item and why you are being charged for particular fees. It can sometimes be overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. It’s not surprising, most companies do not have the time or resources available to locate billing errors or recover the savings.

The most common utility errors include:

  • Incorrect meter readings
  • Faulty meters
  • Redundant billing charges
  • Usage charges
  • Surcharges, taxes & tariffs
  • Consumption errors
  • Demand reading errors

Telecom Billing Errors include:

  • Other charges and credits for installations or changes that are incorrect
  • Incorrect refunds and or credit adjustments
  • Tax errors
  • Equipment or Lines no longer needed (cancellation errors)
  • Duplicate billing
  • Third party charges
  • Not receiving quoted rates

It takes time to review, analyze, report to vendors, recover savings and optimize billing for future savings. Hidden costs, charges for non-existing services, and complex billing codes could be increasing your company’s monthly utility bill every month.

So how can you be the hero?

  1. Recognize that there are potential savings in almost all utility billing.
  2. Express in your company there is a potential savings if steps are taken to audit utility billing.
  3. Set time aside to collect a few bills and discuss your options with a professional, knowledgeable utility bill auditing specialist who will work to find your company savings.

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