What is a Real Expert and Why Would I Hire One?

The use of the word “Expert” in our day and age has saturated the business market. Every business you go into, there is someone that says they are an expert in insurance, taxes, and every other industry you can imagine.

What is An Expert?

The literal definition of an expert is someone that has dedicated 10,000 hours of education to their skill or trade, and has achieved a master level status at their trade by their peers or customers. For example, if a violinist has practiced for 10,000 hours, they still may not be very good. The violinist can only be considered an expert if they are deemed one by their peers after 10,000 hours of practice.


Why Do Businesses Need Experts if They Have Employees for Those Functions?

Okay good, now you know the definition of an expert, but why would a business need one? Well let’s go back to the violinist metaphor. Your business has a need for a business solution like an audience has a need to hear beautiful music from an orchestra. Now maybe someone in the audience knows how to play the violin, and maybe the audience member can even play very well. However, anyone who has ever gone to hear an amateur violin concert, and then the symphony, knows there is a big difference between a good amateur and an expert violinist.

That is exactly why businesses hire experts. They have a need that their company may be filling now with a non-expert inside resource; however their needs now exceed that resource’s level of knowledge.  Experts do the business functions that the businesses’ inside resource performs, but does it faster, more effectively, and efficiently. This overall increase in capability usually ends up saving companies money in the long run, because the increase in efficiency usually surpasses the increase in pay you must give to an expert.


How to Find An Expert?

“I can just go on the internet and type in expert in _________ right?” Unfortunately, the internet has many websites that say they are experts with no proof. You will have to do a little research and look at the companies they have worked for as well as if those companies have given the company positive referrals and contact information that allows you to get in touch with those companies to get their confirmation of their referral. This may take an extra hour or two of research but it will benefit your business in the long run.