Government Guarding The Gas Pumps?

Let’s say you get in an accident. Thankfully, no one is hurt but your car is severely damaged. The driver who hit you then turns to you and says “I do not have insurance.” Uninsured drivers have become a severe issue in the United States and United Kingdom, but the UK is trying to do something about it.

Approximately 4% of the United Kingdom’s population drives uninsured.  The United Kingdom already have CCTV cameras that monitor gas stations customers to make sure they do not steal gas. Now, after a proposal from Ernst & Young, they are utilizing those cameras to also make sure uninsured drivers can’t fill up.

Now uninsured drivers will be caught in the act and be barred from fueling up until their information is recorded. For insured drivers, no record of the customer’s car will be kept.

Isn’t it great that any government cares enough about its good citizens to monitor and stop those who can hurt them? And…Wouldn’t it be great to have a company that guards good companies against wrong billings and corrects them without causing those companies any stress?

Limitless Technology CRS can do just that, but with even less effort for the customer (unlike customers in the UK who may have to wait behind an uninsured driver who can’t fill up at gas stations). With no upfront cost, and with no risk to you…we take your business’ bills and find all those errors and extras fees that cost your company money. Limitless Technology CRS makes sure you know every correction before the corrections are made.

BOTTOM LINE We Improve BOTTOM LINES at no inconvenience to you!

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