Cascade Health Services, LLC recently enlisted the assistance of Limitless Technology to audit and reduce telecommunication costs.

Cascade Health Services, LLC owns and manages five skilled nursing facilities across Texas. Keeping management costs minimal yet effectively helps maintain the integrity of our organization. That is why we relied on LT-CRS, an organization with a reputation for streamlining service needs collaboratively and concisely.

Limitless Technology professionals simplified the process. We were extremely pleased with the little time and effort required by our staff during the audit. Their expertise in uncovering billing errors, negotiating our current contracts, and renegotiating new contracts has led to reductions in our cable, internet, landline telephone, and wireless telephones costs which exceeded our expectations.

We were particularly impressed when they uncovered and obtained a credit of nearly $40,000.00 from one of our cable providers, something we simply had no idea was possible. When we entered into our agreement with LT-CRS we had hopes of future savings so receiving a check back from a provider was both surprising and welcome addition to what we believed possible.

Here are the numbers that speak to the great job Limitless Technology did in finding ways to better utilize our technology services.

  • Overall Savings 49.51 %
  • Annual Savings $76,919.64
  • Reduced local billing by over 21%
  • Reduced internet billing by over 31%
  • Reduced conferencing billing 85.69%

Cascade Health Services highly recommends Limitless Technology – Cost Reduction Specialists as a resource for your telecommunication cost reduction savings.


Lack of experience, time, resources and knowledge to negotiate contracts for utilities, wireless phones, cable and internet.


Powerful process uncovered billing errors, negotiating current contracts and re-negotiating new contract leads to reduction on cable, internet, land line telephone and wireless telephone costs.


$76,919.00 annual savings. 49.51% overall savings.