We have had the pleasure of working with Cindy and staff in analyzing our communication bills (telephone, fax, dsl). This resulted in thousands in savings per year and streamlined our billing as well. With 8 locations and office, we were receiving 9 different bills with numerous different charges. I had tried to analyze them myself which sometimes resulted in higher charges only because our phone company knew the ins and outs of their billing and I didn’t. We now receive one bill and I know exactly what it should be. I also have the peace of mind in knowing that if there is a discrepancy I have someone who I can call.


With 8 locations and an office, billing consisted of 9 different bills with numerous different charges. VP attempts to analyze billing in-house resulted in higher charges because of complicated and unfamiliar terms of service agreements.


Combine billing to one invoice with clearly defined service based on need and efficiency.


$1,400 annual savings. Received credits back from telecom provider.