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Is Audit a dirty word?

“Audit”- Doesn’t have to be a dirty word Isn’t it interesting that a simple word like “audit” can invoke such stress and anxiety? Maybe it’s because the Internal Revenue Service uses the...

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Koelsch Senior Communities recognizes LT~CRS

Koelsch’s Experience “I am writing this to record my extremely favorable impression of Limitless Technology and to express my gratitude for the very real results they have produced for Koelsch Seni...

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Nasty “Over Paying” Message to AT&T Written in the Sky?

As stated many times by Todd Larsen, CEO of Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists, “Why do we continue to overpay for data?” a recent public announcement by the CEO of one of the largest cellular co...

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Doing Business the Navy SEAL Way – Making Decisions

Sometimes Business Feels Like War Constant information is being shot at you in a competitive environment. At times you have all the information you need to make important and fast decisions, but most of the tim...

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Why do I need Billing Optimization?

Here’s a question every CEO, CFO or other high level executive should be asking themselves. It starts by simply realizing there is no need to over pay for anything. Now that does not mean paying the least amoun...